Are you interested in trying BMX racing at SeaTac bmx?

How do i start bmx racing?
Every rider practicing or competing at a SeaTac BMX event must obtain a membership prior to riding on the track. This only applies to official gate practice and race days. Memberships can be purchased at the track online through the links below.

All memberships come with an official member card that has your unique serial number!
1-day Trial membership
If you have never tried BMX, we offer a 1-day trial USABMX membership that can be used for a practice day or single point race.
The 1-day trial membership can only be redeemed on-site at SeaTac BMX.
Can only be redeemed on-site at SeaTac BMX
Balance Bike Membership
After purchasing your Balance Bike membrship, balance bike riders race for free, excluding multi-point races.
Standard annual Membership
Valid at any USABMX sanctioned track. With this membership you will be an official USABMX member and you will receive an official membership card and a subscription to PULL magazine.
Select SeaTac BMX TRACK #0239

Proficiency Levels

Brand new riders!. The novice class can be raced on any size bike. Novice is not separated by boys or girls. When you start racing BMX everyone starts at the same level! Classes will be separated by age group.
After the rider wins 10 races as a novice, you move up to the intermediate class. In the intermediate class a 20” bike is required to race.
Expert/Girl Expert
After 10 wins (for girls in novice) or 20 wins (for boys as an intermediate) the rider moves up to Expert/Girl Expert. At the expert level, boys and girls will race separately in their own class and age group.
Cruiser/Girl Cruiser
This is a class for 24” cruiser bikes. Boys and Girls will race separately in their own class and there is no separation in proficiency. A rider can race both in a novice/intermediate/expert class and a cruiser class as long as they have a bike to race in both classes.

Balance Bikes

Balance Bike is an open, non-pointed class formed with riders age 5 & under riding push bicycles without pedals. This class will form with 2 or more riders. On occasion, if the need arises, Balance Bike may be offered to riders over the age of 5 with special needs.

Balance Bike Riders race for free, excluding multi-point races.

An annual Balance Bike membership is $30.


Apparel and bicycle Requirements to participate in an official gate practice or race day at seatac bmx


The use of clipless pedals (interlocking or step-in pedal/ cleat systems, magnetic systems, straps, toe clips, or any system where the shoe or pedal have been designed to mechanically connect or step-in to each other) is prohibited for all riders age 12 & Under as well as for Novice riders of any age. USABMX reserves the right to review and determine the legality of all pedal/shoe systems. All riders 12 & Under are restricted to a standard flat pedal only; regardless of what class the rider might end up competing in that day.
A number plate with your assigned/earned number is required on race days.
All bicycles must have an operating braking system— hand and/or coaster (foot) brake.
Multi-speed MTB style bicycles are acceptable forcompetition based on the wheel diameter of the bicycle.
All kickstands, chain guards, freestyle pegs, and reflector brackets must be removed.
Electric or motor assisted bicycles/vehicles are not allowed.


All riders must wear helmets with a permanent strap attached; snaps are not allowed. Helmets must have sufficient padding and be of good quality. USA BMX highly recommends a full-face helmet or a helmet that covers the ears.
All riders must wear enclosed shoes, which cover all toes, and are sufficient to protect the rider’s feet.
It is recommended that riders wear long pants. Loose fitting short pants made of tear-resistant material are permitted when used in combination with knee/shin pads. All combinations of knee/shin pads are subject to the approval of USA BMX and/or Track Operator.
It is recommended that riders wear long sleeved shirts. Short sleeved shirts and sufficient elbow protection is allowable subject to the approval of the USABMX and/or the SeaTac BMX Track Operator.
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