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Track Rental

Want to rent SeaTac BMX for a birthday party, a team practice, or for a personal training experience? We have rental packages for all uses!

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What do we get when we rent seatac bmx?
  • With a track rental, you get exclusive use of SeaTac BMX. The gates will be closed and you will have the track all to yourself.
  • You also get use of our Prostart BMX gate. We will have a staff member on site to run the gate for you.
  • We have a sound system as well that can be used to play music of your choice or to make announcements.
How much does it cost to rent Seatac Bmx?

When you rent the track, you are renting the entire facility. All rentals are in 2 hour increments and include a staff member to operate our starting gate for you.

birthday party
Want to have your kids birthday party at the track? Want the park to yourself to celebrate?
USABMX team Practice
This option is for all local teams wanting to use the track for a team practice/training session.
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